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How to Install Advanced Scene Switcher

OBS has a standard plugin installed already called Automatic Scene Switch but it’s surprisingly lacking in features. Upon researching how to make my Zoom Effect I stumbled across a problem where I needed to automatically switch to scenes based on certain types of triggers.

Luckily, open source Devs are awesome and someone figured has created a more powerful tool called the Advanced Scene Switcher which you can download from HERE.

This install process is fairly straight forward but for the sake of rounding everything out, here’s how to install it. This install is going to be for Windows 10 users only.

Step 1 – Unzip

You’ll receive the files in nifty little zip files. Unzip the files into it’s respective folder.

Step 2 – Install

Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the files to and follow the folder path of SceneSwitcher -> SceneSwitcher -> Windows

In this final folder, you’ll find the .exe labeled AdvancedSceneSwitcherSetup.exe

Double Click it.

Step 3 – Warnings

After a UAC prompt from windows, you’ll see the below image.

Followed by

Click Yes as this warning is just letting you know that you’re putting files in an area that contains files already. Since this is plugin for OBS, this is exactly what we want.


You’ve Successfully Install the Plugin

At this point, your install of advanced scene switcher is complete and you can now move forward with life. Yay you.

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